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Thanks for your interest in Millibars, an app for tracking barometric pressure trends over time.

This version of Millibars is available for anyone to try, completely free of charge, until it becomes available in the iOS App Store. When the full version is released on the App Store, this version will be phased out. The App Store version may require payment for some features.

Try Millibars

How to get the app

  1. Visit this page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad and tap Try Millibars. This will take you to Apple’s TestFlight program.
  2. Using that page, download the TestFlight app. This is an app made by Apple to facilitate downloading test versions of other developers’ apps, like Millibars.
  3. Once TestFlight is installed, return to Safari and under “Step 2: Join the Beta”, tap Start Testing. This will open the TestFlight app and walk you through the rest of the steps to download Millibars.

Apple has more information about testing apps using TestFlight available on the TestFlight website.

How to use Millibars

The first time you run Millibars, you’ll be asked which location you want to track the barometric pressure for.

  1. Type the name of your city:
  2. Select your city from the list below the search field:
  3. Tap the Add button in the top right corner. Millibars will load ten days of history and a 24 hour forecast for the barometric pressure in your city:
Try Millibars