Hockey Night in Canada apparently now has a segment called “The Major Part of the Game”. 

I get that “TSN Turning Point” is taken, but come on. 

The Good Place Season 3 premiered last night. Still so, so good.

Replied to a post by Jason Sadler (
We have a custom implementation of Git for reading repositories, which drives a lot of our high performance functionality. However we defer to Git itself for operations that mutate the repository (Staging, Committing, Checking out branches, etc).

So yeah, Sublime Merge is really fast.
I don’t love the UI, but it’s early days yet.
Seriously, it’s so, so fast.

Safari 12 is out for macOS. Favourite new features: favicons in tabs (opt-in in Preferences), and sane performance of closing tabs in the Tab Overview view.

Also, great anti-tracking stuff, as announced during WWDC. All good stuff.

Interesting details about the new Apple Watch’s ECG feature from an ER Physician: