The new MacBook Pros are super impressive but monumentally expensive. Unsurprising, I guess, given the coprocessor is basically an iPhone 7 CPU that, yes, provides some interesting features, but is just too pricey to be worthwhile.

Pretty good summary of how Siri Shortcuts work in iOS 12. Spoiler alert: they’re not nearly as powerful as they sounded.

The new Shortcuts app! Works on iOS 9 and up. Registered Apple Developers can register for the Testflight on the beta downloads page.

The new Shortcuts app has actions to turn Bluetooth on or off. This Shortcut turns it off, waits 3 seconds, then turns it off.

Today’s TensorFlow madness:

tensorflow::Tensor has a method tensor() that returns another kind of tensor

tensorflow::TTypes<T, NDIMS>::Tensor

Which is typedef’d as


which is a slice over some data which it presents as if it were



TIL: to clean our clogged coffee grinder, the official word from Baratza is: use a jumbo paper clip and an Allen key. Wat.