These videos on The Hobbit are shockingly good. Start here:
They’re long, I know. It’s worth your time.

Swift for TensorFlow. Wow. Two standouts:

  • Write Swift using Tensor and #tfop types. Extracts graph at compile-time, embeds it in your binary, and rewrites your function calls to run the graph.
  • Affordances to discourage too much data transfer between TF and the host.

Great episode of @99piorg about Gander, Newfoundland and its airport. Focuses mostly on its history as an important international airport but also touches on the link to 9/11 and Come from Away.

I may have lost the WWDC lottery but I’m still heading to San Jose in June! I’ll be attending, which takes place, uh, next door to the big show.
Let me know if you’ll be there too!

Great summary of Jupyter Notebook‘s strengths and weaknesses. Literate programming like Swift Playgrounds, plus breaking code up into independently-executable “cells”.